Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...... And that Happen'd!!!! PARTY @175 Stockholm St BK/NYC


And that Happen'd 
NYC on The Rocks has been pushed back till the end of April sorry guys :'(
"... And That Happen'd"
The Party must go on thought dont worry we still got you! This sat the 27th ..2 subterranean dance floors that can hold 300+ people EASY!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NYC on the Rocks

Now when we said no ones seeing us.. we meant it. This is a sneak peak vid at the the spot where history will be made on the 27th. If you thought our past parties have been good...ahh you havnt seen the half. Im not even going to say anymore. STAY TUNED MORE INFO WILL BE COME REALLLL SOON.

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After Midnite Presents: Just Throw it in the Cup

The Talk of New York concurs yet another weekend with another  serious party. We do not play around people. After Midnite is a force that can not be stop. We are calling these pics " The Art of Throwing a Good Party"because its not longer bout us throwing parties its about us setting standards for your party!  Shouts out to the boy Smurf for taking these awesome pic. After Midnite Crew!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After Midnite Presents : Just Throw it in the Cup

Just Throw it in the Cup 3/13/10
After Shawasted happen ( because it did happen ) the ppl cried out to us "please misters give us another one" so we must make this happen now..Throw it in the Cup!! $4 cups free refills all night long and we gonna have beer bong tables set up in a lounge room! And everyone one knows our music is going to be on point  Ok Drums and SOS will be spinning with a special surprise dj : x and thats pretty much it ..
BE THERE or look at the the pics on monday and BE MAD!!

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Iron Man2 Trailer
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PARTY, PARTY, PARTY, lets all get SHAWASTED!!!!!!!!

FUCKING RIGHT DOGGIE!!!!!!!!!! Ya'll see da pics Saturday's party was fucking EPIC! We had sexy females, cheap drinks, && loud music! Everything played out exactly the way it need to. We even honored the people that came with our AfterMidnite Stickers! (you know who u are)
 :D This Saturday we doing it a again with "THROW IT IN THE CUP!"Come party with da AfterMidnite Crew!

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The Renegades- Akria

The Renegades present their first official release from Dynamix Records, LLC.
knobs up...

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Come get Shawasted with us ..AGAIN!!
Sat. March 6th ..$7.00 and $0.25 cent drinks!!?! 
Yes! thats happening..Hit us up for info 
twitter: 12after12    facebook: after mdnt

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pics from last event.... we were all WASTED!!! (Do it again mister) :D

The FIRST pic pretty much shows you guys how the nite went :D
We have TWO (2) PARTIES this weekend 3/5/10 && 3/6/10 
Keep an eye out for your After Midnite Crew!
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Too Paid To Freestyle

Time lapse of me drawing the After Midnite Owl before the party 

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